I grew up in Jingdezhen City, the porcelain capital of China, a place where ceramics have been produced for more than a thousand years. The ceramic craft tradition has affected me a lot, but the ‘rebellious me’ is fascinated by the new digital age. This analogue and digital interface allow me to embrace more possibilities, in the thinking about, conceiving of and production of new works. I apply digital approaches to thinking through traditional handcraft processes while using and combining different materials.

My work explores where art, craft and design meet. In the context of Postmodernism, more and more of the generation born in this age are not satisfied with one ‘mode’ of working. Under the abundant conditions of our material world, crossover and interdisciplinarity become a way to explore these possibilities and conditions. I firmly believe that the blur of these borders does not mean that there are no boundaries. Exploring cross-border can be seen as a new field of enquiry. It has characteristics of art, design and craft, but it cannot be defined by anyone of these disciplines.


May 2019

Internship in the Studio Levien, UK.

2015 - so far

Founder of SHAN STUDIO, China;

2013 - so far

Executive Director of Jingdezhen Old Sanbao Ceramic Ltd, China;

July 2012

Visiting scholar in Montana State University, USA;


2018 - 2020

MA in Ceramics & Glass, Royal College Of  Art

2009 - 2013

BA in Art & Design, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University

2006 - 2007

Beijing Wu Zuo Ren Fine Art School


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